joi, 14 februarie 2013

How to be a fake Valentine

Remember the last time I was telling you guys that I don’t really feel like dating again and that it pisses me off to think about letting a new guy come into my life again? Well, guess what? Nothing changed. Still the same “state of the art” ‘ya know? But…glad that this doesn’t mean my vagina’s getting all drepressed and all my feminity fades away while days go by. And I thank my French man friend for that.
He doesn’t have a name, our “thing” doesn’t have a name or exact purpose for neither of us and I guess I don’t have a particular name for him neither. He sometimes calls me “ma p’tite fille de l’est” but only when he tries to piss me off which implies hiting the guy in the guts afterwards. We do fight a lot, physically speaking cause he enjoys to grab me in his arms using his strong hands, acting like the alpha male and kissing my neck as a lunatic. Anyway… As you can see, this is another weird French kinky story.
Back home…guess all was classic and very well planned and my taste in men had completely changed since then. I can admit now that I do enjoy the company of a smart man, knowing what he wants from a woman, knowing how to please her, talk to her, touch her body and her thoughts, bend her over and…guess I’ll leave your imagination to find the end of my sentence here J Don’t go too far, I ain’t that open minded. But, when HE is, I tend to get pretty obedient.
So, here I am guys, in another  “plan cul” experience which means the type of regular one night stands with the same guy blowing your brains out with his charms and giving you some sexual healing from time to time.
As French would say “ça fait du bien” as in “it’s good for your health” more or less.
Well as long as “tu te prends pas la tete” or you don’t get involved or give a shit ‘bout how the story will end or how will you end up afterwards, things are pretty simple, clear and nothing gets into your way.
The most important factor here is to stimulate your imagination and your partners as well in order to keep the flame alive and avoid boredom.
And what have I learned from this type of experience is the fact that our male friends can be easily manipulated if you’re keeping it cool. The emotionally coolness gets them horny and makes them want you over and over again. You keep on being that innocent young prey which they would love to catch. In the same time they feel like they’re in control and they enjoy teaching you stuff and your obedience gets them come back fo’ more. Always. At least, that’s what some French guys feel.
Faking a fake relationship is the key to success here. Cause, well, let’s be honest, spending more than 3 months with the same guy, seeing him like every week, enjoying his company, sharing thoughts and moments from your life from time to time, texting, sexting, dinning, going out to the movies and all the stuff normal couples do in usual life…seems pretty “relationshipsy” to me. But you never have to let the guy know that. Never let the guy realize the fact that this might involve the “together” part, the “love&romance” thought. Never let the guy realize the fact that you both are being exclusive with one another. It ain’t gonna work. All French guys tend to get annoyed by this stuff. Why would you fuck it all up for the stupid title of “petite amie/ma copine”?
Giving up good sex for a title? No. I don’t think so. At least while it’s still good and you’re not bored or something, keep on playing the game of sexual seduction and forget the couple bullshit and Valentine treats.
Not telling it’s not good to have that awesome type of relationship where you feel loved and you love from the bottom of your soul. That’s a different story especially created for those few lucky people living in this world somewhere else than France. Sorry for being so subjective but, it’s my life I’m talking about here and…well, I do live in France. And French people are peculiar. Especially men. Women…we’re all the same no matter where we’re coming from or going to. Talk a lot, feel a lot, cry a lot, work a lot, shop a lot, give birth to tiny humans and gain less than men. And we usually have long hair and wear skirts and high kitten heels or sexy leather boots.
And…guess we should “go back to our sheeps” or “revenons à nos moutons” , guys. As I said, you have to keep it simple and give the impression you’re that “femme fatale” who’s completely detached, very “à l’aise” with her looks and sexuality, still available on the single women’s market, always ready to say “yes” to any other cute guy, still flirting with others in a subtle way in order to show yourself and your French man friend that you still CAN.
It’s not that complicated once you know how your guy works or…how usually guys work in general.
They all follow their basic instincts like hunger , lust or that awkward sense of private property. They were, are and will be predictable if you’re smart enough to figure them out.
Some of them enjoy to see you flirting on social networks or with colleagues at work or sometimes with your lesbian friends if you’re lucky enough to have some of those. Others react in a pretty negative way to this type of attitude. Mine doesn’t.
Looks are very important as well to those who love to watch. Watch you dress up, watch your moves while they undress you, watch the accessories you put on from time to time. That meaning, kitten heels, black undies or violet, depends on the guy, pearls or golden jewellery , the way your hair looks, the colour of your hair as well. Even if they don’t recognize it, men react to all of these “stimuli”. And all you have to do is pay attention without showing it.
The lack of interest is what interests  them in you. Keep a certain distance in time and space between you and the guy, let him approach you regularly but still giving him the false impression that it has been like years since the last time you were his.
Annoy him, don’t agree with him, get nasty and naughty without seeming to care about the consequences. It will drive him crazy and this type of “bad girl” will be very appealing. Play games. Gamble ! Take risks! Keep it all alive and spice it all up! “Garde le mystère”!
And then again, I am not talking here about normal, classic type of guys which are all into relationships and love and stuff. I am talking about French young guys which love to play and from which you can learn tons of stuff and which do not seem serious at all. The guys who are into weird books, weird movies, travel and foreign languages or foreign experiences, who are open minded, who are afraid of the involvement and of babies and marriage, who are into porn, who are very “straight in the face” if you know what I mean.
The others…well, I never got to know them well. They always slipped between my fingers just when I started to get used to them and love and cherish them. Tant pis pour eux as French would say…it’s their loss.
I ain’t loosing nothing no more cause I have nothing to loose, he doesn’t have nothing to loose cause theoretically, we do not have nothing. But this nothing’s still alive for more than three months now and it’s in a pretty good shape as well.
More about this “nothing” next time, guys! Cheers!
Take care, smile and let yourself go!

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