vineri, 21 decembrie 2012

Country roads...take me home

The usual track for this period of the year is..."all i want for Christmas is you" . I'm not a fan. It's selfish and fake. I don't want only one person for Christmas, i want several of them to be here and get all merry with me. Family, friends and the others i love and appreciate. So, in the end, no, i won't ask Santa for that. But i've asked him to take me home. And he did. Well...virtually, but he did. This morning, i've found several pictures from home in my mailbox. They've filled me up with happiness and joy and Christmas feelings . Guess Santa does exist and guess i'll always be that shy moldavian country 'gal with that odd country accent who loves the snow more than everything. And i miss my grand parents, and my amazing grandpa who watches over me from a place near heaven still doing crazy communist stuff . Have a merry Christmas, my young readers! Raise your heads up and follow your dreams wherever you are, however sad or lonely you feel!

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