marți, 25 decembrie 2012

The Christmas sheep...

Don’t worry, dear reader, this won’t be a story ‘bout tiny Jesus, those sheep from the New Testament and the shepards and stuff…even if it’s Christmas Eve.
Well, don’t know if you guys know, but, since I was a child, I never slept alone.
I’ve always had that tiny fluffy special thing which French people use to call “doudou”. Either it was a simple puppet or a teddy bear…well I’ve always had to hug them and keep them close to my heart each evening when I’d gone to sleep. Did it the whole time I’ve lived in Romania, did it when I was in Belgium and still doing it when I’m in France. And yes, I know I am a 24 years old girl with a doudou. But who cares about what the others think here? No one could ever take away my doudou.
Anyway…I’ve noticed that people who care about me and expect love and respect in return buy me a doudou as well. I could start with one of my Romanian ex boyfriends who bought me a teddy bear which I still have and actually left under my sheets on my pink princess king sized bed from home. It has been laying there since 2010…and I won’t remove it soon.
 Afterwards, there were my best friends from college who bought me a cow which I still have here in Paris. Unfortunately the cow was pretty traumatised after a few car washings, but it is still alive and usable you know. I hug it from time to time when I miss Dooda or when I’m watching “Sex&the city”.
Once my mum noticed that these two doudous mean a lot to me I think she became a little bit jealous so she thought it could be a good idea to buy me herself another doudou which could replace the cow. So, one day, I see my mum coming home with a new doudou. Before I open the box and see what it is as animal my mum tells me “I’ve bought you a whale!!!” It was kinda deceiving to open the box and see that inside there was a shark :/ But still…I’ve appreciated my mum’s good intentions. In the end, we both agreed that her whale looks more like a daulphin and we’ve sticked to that ‘cause it sounded better than the shark. Really now…how could you have a shark as doudou to cherish and to love every night ?
So…I had now 2 doudous and I was sleeping with the cow. Never change this habbit like for…2 years or something.
Then, one day came when I’ve met a man. A nice one actually which I’ve met at the tourism institute here in France. And guess what? The guy offered me a sheep. I’ve felt in love, accepted the sheep and It became really fast my favourite doudou in the whole world. It’s a pretty cute sheep you know…with a retarded smile and all.
As you expected, the love story ended but I’ve kept the sheep. It’s all that’s left from a beautiful franco-romanian love story…and continued to sleep with it.
Guess my mum got jealous again and well, she was thinking that I couldn’t move on if I continue to sleep with the sheep so, do you know what she bought me for Christmas this year? It’s pretty obvious : a new doudou.
As the last time, I get home, receive the box and before I open it my mum tells me all excited “I’ve bought you a new cow! “ Ok, I told myself that this is better than a shark so I’ve seemed pretty excited about the idea. Then I’ve opened the box and…what do I see? A new sheep. My Christmas sheep. :/
Oh well, guess I’m gonna try to sleep with it tonight. Keep you posted if it has the same effect as the last sheep I had.
And Merry Christmas, guys!

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